Heres a time lapse video of a B & Q kitchen with solid wood worktops we fitted for a customer in a 3rd storey flat

This was a bathroom supplied by Bathstore for a 19th century house. Most of the walls crumbled when we stripped out the old bathroom and airing cupboard so we had to build new stud work in front of the old walls. This enabled us to hide the pipe work which was very useful especially for a free standing bath. We also had to reinforce the floor with timber and 18mm plywood to create a floor sturdy enough to tile

This was a kitchen that was supplied by the customer. We widened the opening and put in some structural steel beams, it made a huge difference to the feel of the house 

 This room had an old airing cupboard and a raised floor which we took out. We had to alter the pipework so we could bring the floor level back down to the original level and reinstate the overall height of the room. The shower valve is a two way diverter so you can either have the water running through the large fixed head or the standard shower head on the riser rail. This bathroom was supplied by victoria plumb, I have done a video as it's difficult to get an idea of the layout in a photo

 This was a new extension with a Burford kitchen and solid wood worktops supplied by us, the floor was fitted with warmup under tile heating. The corner cupboard was bespoke built on site to use up the wasted space that a standard unit would use. 

This was a separate kitchen and dining room that we knocked through to create a large kitchen diner. The client also specified corian worktops which enabled us to form a feature around the hob 

 This was a wet room we created with wood effect floor tiles. The floor structure had to be altered to accept the cement based shower tray from the bathstore. With the glass screen fitted, it gave the room a real feeling of space

 A simple design with a feature tile  down the centre of the wall and wall mounted taps